Mohawk Chapter of the Studebaker Drivers Club

Dedicated to Preserving the Memory of Studebakers

History of the Mohawk Chapter of the SDC 2018

The Mohawk Chapter of the Studebaker Drivers Club began when two Studebaker enthusiasts were trying to buy the same car, a ’63 Lark.  The men were John Reichard and Russ Case, Sr.  Russ actually bought the car, and after much discussion, he and John discovered their mutual interest in Studebakers.  They thought it was possible that a club could be formed in the New York State Capital District if others had the same interest in Studebakers. 

 On July 29, 1992, a letter was drawn up by Russ and signed by John then sent to local people in the National Studebaker Drivers Club asking if they were interested in forming a local Studebaker chapter. 

The first meeting of the new chapter was held August 6, 1992, at the Guilderland Library, Guilderland, New York with a large turn-out of people interested in Studebakers.   A name for the chapter was discussed and voted on:  “Mohawk Chapter.”  Russ Case. Sr. was the 1st President.  A newsletter called “Mohawk Trails” was created and first printed in October of 1992.  The by-laws were drawn up and approved, and a charter was received from the National Studebaker Drivers Club on April 5, 1993. 

Unfortunately, our 1st President, Russ Case, Sr. has since passed away.  While members have come and gone, the chapter continues with its purpose of being a club for all interested in Studebakers -- those fortunate enough to own a Studebaker and those who are enthusiasts for Studebakers. 

About Us

The Mohawk Chapter of the SDC has a very interested and talented core group of members with a wealth of knowledge about Studebakers.  We are an informal group that enjoys our mutual interest of these automobiles.  We have monthly meetings, social get-togethers, car shows/cruise-ins that members attend.  The club encourages all people that are interested in Studebakers -- whether owning a Studebaker or yearning for one -- to consider joining this club.  All will be welcomed!  Anyone interested  in joining the club can e-mail for more information.

Officers for 2018

President:  Dan Duma

Vice-President: Bob Layman

Treasurer:  Michael Sattinger

Secretary:  Celia Hayes

Sergeant-of-Arms: Ken Hayes